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Finding a Career with Purpose

In this episode of The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast, we speak with Julie Gross, founder and president of Collegiate Gateway LLC, a boutique consulting firm in New York City providing counseling on personality and interest assessments, college and graduate school admissions, and career planning.

In this episode, Julie explains what makes the ideal career, and provides tips for those starting out on their career. We also discuss the intersection of personality and interests and how career assessments can help people get on the right career path, and we hear stories of individuals who turned their skills and interests into satisfying careers. Other questions answered in this episode:

      • How do you define a successful career?
      • What tools do you use to help people with their career choices?
      • What tips do you have for people changing their career?

Listen to the full episode at Or listen to The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast on Apple, Google, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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