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What is change management and why does it matter for organizations?

Written by Melissa Summer, 1 min. read


In the first episode of The Myers-Briggs Company Podcast, we interview Sherrie Haynie, seasoned consultant who guides organization development, executive development and change management initiatives for global clients.

Sherrie shares her expertise about working with organizations on change management initiatives, and what organizations and leaders tend to get wrong when it comes to change.

“The textbook definition [for change management] makes a lot of sense under controlled environments. But the current environment is anything but straightforward. The textbook strategies [for change management] need to be challenged. And leaders and HR practitioner should be aware of how attentive they’re being to the needs of their employees,” says Sherrie.

And why does change management matter for HR practitioners?

Part of the reason is because bad change management by managers leads to employee turnover. Another reason is that change initiatives affect employee responsibilities, which can impact those employee job descriptions.

“All those typical HR responsibilities are going to be magnified during a change initiative.”

Other questions answered in this episode:

      • Why is change management important for organizations?
      • Why is it important for leaders? For HR practitioners?
      • How does change management apply differently to the hybrid workplace?
      • What does personality have to do with change?

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Want to learn more about change management? Check out these resources:


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