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    • Hybrid Working
    • Back to the office?

      It’s complex. Get to know your people better and get it right—for everyone.


A mix of remote and office working—hybrid working—is the new model for many businesses that were traditionally in-office organizations.

But what’s the right mix? Our research shows that people want different amounts of remote/in-office time. A blanket ‘rule’ for everyone is unlikely to be the best way forward.

See why understanding employees’ situations and personality types better is key to a successful back-to-the-office strategy.

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      The Psychology of Change Whitepaper

      Hybrid work brings yet more change. See how best to deal with change and the uncertainty it brings for different people. With a little insight into psychology and personality differences, you can give your people everything they need to feel empowered during times of change.


      Remote and Hybrid Working Research Report

      This research explores what people feel about remote, hybrid, and in-office working. By understanding people, their personal situations, and the impact of personality type on their remote/hybrid preferences, organizations have a rich set of data to create a hybrid strategy that works.


Help your employees succeed

The MBTI® and FIRO-B® programs are our recommendations for getting different yet complementary insights about your people.

Learn the essentials in MBTI® personality type to help people thrive in the hybrid work model. By learning why people act and see things differently, you’re in a better position to support them in the way they need. You understand where people are coming from.


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